DevXUnity Obfuscator Pro - a professional protection tool and localiation for Unity 3D applications.


Product "DevXUnity-Obfuscator Pro" - is a complex protection utility for Unity 3D platform, and is designed to:
- obfuscated scripts and libraries;
- Product localization (stage code, auto-translation);
- encryption resources and string code data;
- Protection from code analysis;

Key features:
- Support for obfuscation in real real-time mode.
- Support obfuscation: Script (C #, Script, Boo) and libraries (DLL Assembly)
- Symbol obfuscation involves renaming classes, methods and their parameters, fields, properties, a set of meaningless characters;
- Possibility of insertion of the application work restriction by time;
- Protection of data used by PlayerPrefs;
- Encrypt string data and resources assets;
- Automated localization of the scenes and the code in many languages.
- Support for automatic transfer of resources to the selected language
- spell checker support (en, ru)
- The ability to export and import of resource localization in CSV format as well as the loading of GoogleSheets
- Protection from code analysis

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DevXUnity-UnpackerTools - utility security analysis and export data from a distribution built on Unity3D platform.


DevXUnity-UnpackerTools utility security analysis and export data from a distribution built on Unity3D platform


- Opening of distribution files (Unity standelone files (win, MAC, linux), apk, ios)
- View scene structures
- View resources content (text, images, sounds, meshs, scripts, scene objects)
- View scripts source code (decompile)
- Export resources and scripts (convert image asset to PNG, export Mesh to obj format, decompile assemblys and etc.)
- Export with make unity project (scenes, plugins, scripts, resources) (only for DevXUnity-UnpackerStudio type license)
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What is it for?

Unity 3D projects are based on the Mono platform that is a free clone of Microsoft .NET Framework. Thus, programs created with Unity 3D are subject to all vulnerabilities typical of .NET applications related to their wide possibilities for reengineering, removing license limitations and using your code in third-party products.

On the other hand, Unity 3D programs are far from standard .NET applications. So, usual .NET obfuscators cannot protect them.
Unity 3D Obfuscator is a variant of Inquartos Obfuscator (which has proved to be good at obfuscating regular .NET applications) customized and optimized for Unity 3D.
Besides the actual support of the Unity 3D project format, our obfuscator does a lot for configuring the obfuscation project concerning the peculiarities of how Unity 3D interacts with custom classes. This great feature of automatic configuration reduces what the user has to do to enable full-featured protection for his program to a couple of clicks.

Why exactly Unity 3D Obfuscator?

The answer is obvious. There are no other similar products.

It is also worth mentioning that some features Unity 3D Obfuscator offers for free. At the same time, access to advanced features is not limited in the demo version – if you use them, just additional code limiting the use of the program to one day after obfuscation is added to the protected application.