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DevX-GameRecovery (MagicStudio, GameModding, RePacker, Unpacker): 

Current version 11.04 (2023.01.22)


ver 11.04 (2023/01/22)
- Fixed VirtualMachine compiller
- Fixed ShaderLab converter
- Fixed critical error with open big bundles (more 1Gb)
- Fixed critical error on parse asset files (cannot open resources file for new Unity versions)

ver 11.03 (2022/12/24)
- Fixed restore shader for new UnityVersions: for DirectX platform
- Updated format database for different versions of Unity (better recovery of assets)
- Updated database for IL2CPP for different versions of Unity

 ver 11.02 (2022/12/18)
- Support resore assets: VFXManager, UnityConnectSettings,NavMeshAreas
- Fix with slow open game
- Add support shader parsing for new Unity version
- Support DirectX, OpenGL convert to UnityLab format
- Fix resotre c# script from IL2CPP binary 

- IL2CPP to c#: Support new UnityEditor versions (29 internal metadata format)

- Fixed bug for open big lage Level & assets (with item count more 100000)
- Fixed problem with big SpriteAtlas (very slow open)
- Fixed error opening textures with non-standard format (extra bytes at the end of the asset)
- Fixed bug with export shaders (some shaders were not exported, in particular those that were in the "Hidden/" section)
- I2CPP for Windows x86 (64bit) platform: development of support for restoring C# code for x86 processors has begun
- Support auto detect and load unity bundle protected with content offset ( AssetBundle.LoadFromFile(filename, 0, offset) )
- Support auto detect and load multi-bundle files (pack many bundle in one file)
- Fixed read bundle '8' version
- Fixed repack bundles
- Fixed critical bugs on version 10.x (incorrect restore Monobehavior asset (deserialisation), bug with restore attributes for il2cpp mode etc )

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