Unity Obfuscator - Protect data in PlayerPrefs


PlayerPrefs -this storage, which can store data gaming sessions, which writes the application.

For different operating systems and applications store various types of location:

in the Mac OS X PlayerPrefs stored in ~/Library/Preferences;

in Windows standalone players, PlayerPrefs stored in register HKCU\Software\[company name]where the company and product names [product name] is designated in Project Settings;

The Web players, PlayerPrefs is stored in binary files ~/Library/Preferences/

for Mac OS X and %APPDATA%\Unity\WebPlayerPrefs for Windows.

Data in the repository  PlayerPrefsis stored in the clear, as the name and the data itself.

To automatically hide the names of the keys and protect the values of the parameters, you must enable the option

"Protect data in PlayerPrefs"

As a result, all calls PlayerPrefs class will go through a special function obfuscator, which will encrypt the data during recording and decoding of reading