User RSA Licensing tools

This package 'User Licensing tools' is designed to protect products by binding the product to the hardwareID by using licenses based on RSA keys

The package is included in itself

- An example of embedding a license check in the application code (game)

- license generation interface





An example of embedding a license check in the application code (game)


class LicenseValidate Is an auxiliary class of work with RSA keys for verifying the signature

Basic methods

internal static bool LicenseVerify(string sign_text, string open_key, string hardware_id)

internal static bool SignVerify(string sign_text, string open_key)

internal static string GetBase64TextFromLicense(string sign_text)



class LicenseValidateTools Realizes license validation based on hardware_id

Basic methods

internal static bool LicenseVerify() - Verify current user license

internal static string LicenseKey - Set and get User license key



License generation interface


class LicenseGenerator Implements the functions of signing and generating RSA keys

Basic methods

internal static string Sign(string text, string close_key) - RSA Sign function

internal static bool RSAKeysGenerate(int len, out string open_key, out string close_key) - RSA Keys Generate

class LicenseGeneratorUITools Realizes high-level functions of work with licenses

Basic methods

internal static void UpdateRSAKeys(bool re_create=false) - Generate RSA keys if no exist

internal static string MakeLicense(string hardware_id, string comment) - MakeLicense and save in folder /AllLicenses

internal static List<LicenseInfo> GetLicenseList() - Return all generated licenses

internal static string CloseKey - Get or set RSA Close key

internal static string OpenKey - Get or set RSA Open key



class LicenseGeneratorUI Implements an example of a user interface for working with licenses: "Window/DevXUnityTools-Licenses"

Basic methods

internal static void LicenseGeneratorShow() - Show License Generator Tab page

void OnGUI() - Main GUI