19.09.2018 JavaScript, jQuery, TypeScript: Chapter 3, part 1
Setting the Foundation: JavaScript Data Types.. .Because of the way the mind works, it is easiest to learn when we focus on one thing at a time.

19.09.2018 Some Fun with Dynamic Methods and CLR (Part 2)
Do something crazy and dangerous with CLR and a method made from Dynamic Assembly

19.09.2018 Protocol Buffer-A beginner s walk through
This article will introduce the third option for data serialization. It is a beginner’s walk through of Google Protocol Buffer. Let's move beyond XML and JSON.

19.09.2018 SignalR Chat App With ASP.NET WebForm And BootStrap - Part Three
SignalR Real-Time ChatApp with Emoji / Smiley and Sending file attachment

19.09.2018 How Baseball Led to a Quest for Software Coding Optimization
A search for efficient algorithms to find Ruth-Aaron Pairs

19.09.2018 Generate TypeScript Interfaces from POCO Classes
Generate TypeScript Interfaces from POCO Classes of .NET Framework or .NET Core

19.09.2018 Building Recommendation Systems using Python
This article will help you build different types of basic recommendation systems using python.

19.09.2018 Dependency Injection Lifetimes in Blazor
I’ve been playing with Server-side Blazor for a few days and I’ve been really impressed. I can see that this will be an immensely powerful technology and I hope to make it my main web platform going forward. But it’s model does change some things.