21.11.2017 Combining DataTables with different schema.
There is a problem with accessing Excel files via OleDb which contain more than 255 columns: they are truncated and need to be fetched using ranges. But what do you do with DataTables after that?

21.11.2017 Day 41 of 100 Days of VR: Creating a VR First Person Shooter IV – Game Over Panels
We’re so close to finishing our First Person Shooter game! Today, it’s day 41 and today we’re going to put in the final finishing pieces of our game together. Today our game plan is to: Put our Game Over and Victory panels back into the game Fixing our Animation Connect our UI with the rest of our

21.11.2017 Extended XML Serializer for .NET
Extended XML Serializer for .NET 4 and .NET CORE with WebApi and ASP Core integration.

21.11.2017 Writing MATLAB to C converter: Parser and Code Generator created with Bison/Flex
Using Bison/Flex for creation of the code convertor from subset of MATLAB language to C code. The converter is used for building native applications and libraries from MATLAB code.

21.11.2017 Common Neural Network Activation Functions
Common neural network activation functions

21.11.2017 C# Poisson Cumulative Distribution for large Lambdas
Implementation of the Poisson Cumulative Distribution function for large Lambdas

21.11.2017 Scaffolding Entity Framework Core with CatFactory
Scaffolding Entity Framework Core with CatFactory

21.11.2017 Your Own Quadrics in OpenGL MFC
The alternative Quadrics in OpenGL MFC for your Own design and Universal Polyhedron Procedure.

21.11.2017 Using Objects Comparer to compare complex objects in C#
Objects Comparer framework provides mechanism to compare complex objects, allows to override comparison rules for specific properties and types.

20.11.2017 Injecting an interface into unrelated types via partial classes
This how-to article explores an approach using partial classes to inject a common interface into unrelated types that are auto-generated from web services or other external sources

20.11.2017 Programming Windows 10: UWP Focus (1 of N)
Using C# for Desktop Development: Get Started in UWP (moving away from WinForm) --Intro & Chapter 1

20.11.2017 A Convex Hull Algorithm and its implementation in O(n log h)
A very fast Convex Hull algorithm and its implementation in O (n log h)

20.11.2017 Multithreaded Parallel Scalable Sort Harnessing the Power of OpenMP Performance Library - Part 2: Effective Parallel Sort
In this article, we'll discuss on how to use Intel C++ Compiler and OpenMP performance library to deliver a modern parallel code that implements an efficient parallel sorting algorithm