25.09.2017 Day 12: Creating AI Movements For Enemies In Unity
CodeProject Here we are at Day 12 of the 100 days of VR. Yesterday, we looked at the power of rig models and Unity’s mecanim system (which I should have learned but ignored in the Survival Shooter tutorial…) Today, we’re going to continue off after creating our animator controller. We’re going to c

25.09.2017 Day 11: Using Real Enemy Asset From The Unity Asset Store
CodeProject Welcome back to Day 11 of my 100 days of VR development! Continuing from where we left off, we have a cube as an enemy, we can do better than that. In fact, today, after playing around with creating my own character animations with rigging and Unity’s Mecanim system and I’ll tell you th

25.09.2017 Day 7: Creating a VERY Simple First Person Shooter
CodeProject Welcome back to day 7, after the behemoth that was “yesterday’s” Survival Shooter tutorial, I’m itching to get back to coding something. At this point, we have gained enough experience to start making some very simple gameplays on our own. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do! Note h

25.09.2017 Day 8: Creating a Character in a First Person Shooter
CodeProject Here we are on day 8! Yesterday we created a very simple map for a simple FPS feature. Today, I went to look to see how we can move a character around in the scenery that was created. Here’s what I got! Creating our character The first thing I figured out who was the “character”. Turns

25.09.2017 Day 9 Setting up a Weapon
CodeProject Welcome back to day 9! Were you wondering why there was a large gap between today and the last post? Well that’s because I went to participate in the Seattle AR/VR hackaton #6! The hackathon was 3 days long and it took me 2 days to recover from it! Check out my hackathon postmortem! Wit

25.09.2017 Day 10: Creating An Enemy
CodeProject Welcome to a very special day of my 100 days of VR. Day 10! That’s right. We’re finally in the double digits! It’s been an enjoyable experience so far working with Unity, especially now that I know a bit more about putting together a 3D game now. We haven’t made it into the actual VR as

25.09.2017 Code Coverage Badges for TeamCity
Creating a Code Coverage badge from TeamCity

25.09.2017 Getting Started With Raspberry Pi - Part III - How To Use Breadboard?
In this article we will how to use Breadboard- its a great we to connect circuits and you pi together.

25.09.2017 How to Use Exchange Web Service in C++ With gSOAP
How to connect EWS with gSOAP to send, delete, and retrieve emails.

24.09.2017 Color Topics for Programmers
Discusses color spaces, color generation, and other general color topics commonly faced by programmers.

24.09.2017 WPF: Webcam Control
A WPF control for displaying and recording video from a webcam

24.09.2017 A RichDropDownList for MVC, with Custom Objects and HTML Options
An HtmlHelper for an extended DropDownList, working with custom objects and displaying html options

24.09.2017 MVVM - Sample application with a focus in property-changed event
A clarification of property-changed interface and where/when to be implemented.