23.05.2018 DIY µ-range
It is easier than ever to exploit the range-for loop (and make use of std algorithms) for things other than collections.

23.05.2018 Advanced Excels With EPPlus
Create professional-looking Excels (Filters, Charts, Pivot Tables) with EPPlus

23.05.2018 Multithreaded communication for GPIB/Visa/Serial interfaces
synchronous/asynchronous control via multiple interfaces with command queuing

23.05.2018 Creating a C# Prism WPF Twitter Reader
Create a Twitter Reader with Microsoft Prism Library 6.3 for WPF.

23.05.2018 How to create an App with Angular 6 and ASP.NET Core 2.0
It has become a challenging task to start a new project using Angular and ASP.NET Core though there is an Angular project template provided in Visual Studio 2017 using which we can create an Angular 4 application with ASP.NET Core 2.

22.05.2018 Math Function Tutor, Part 2
Math Function Tutor, Part 2

22.05.2018 Protect your source code from decompiling or reverse engineering
Many developers are still not aware that Portable Executable (PE) files can be decompiled to readable source code. Before learning how to prevent or make it hard for the decompilers to reverse engineer the source code, we need to understand few basics concepts.

22.05.2018 Create and publish a NuGet package easily
Create and publish a NuGet package easily

22.05.2018 Software Design Principles and Patterns in Pictures
In ths article, I try to explain some design patterns and principles using analogies and pictures from non-software world.