Release obfuscator "Unity3dObfuscator" v 1.3.14

The new version obfuscator "Unity3dObfuscator" v 1.3.14


Changes compared to version 1.3.13

- Command Line Support

Usage: InqObfuscatorUnity.exe [{command}] [{options}] in_file_name 


  /BUILD in_file_name    Build 'in_file_name' project (*.inqprj,*.unity3d).
  /? Help

 options:  {1|0} - 1 is enable, 0 is disable

  /Rename={1|0}  - Object names' renaming  *
  /DontRenameClass={1|0} -  Do not rename classes (scripts)
  /DontRenameFunctions={1|0}  - Do not rename the function
  /IsDontRenamePublic={1|0}  - Do not rename the public elements (for plugins)
  /EnableRemoveEventsAndProperties={1|0}  - Remove information about properties and events
  /EnableControlFlow={1|0}  - Control flow obfuscation
  /EnableMethodParams={1|0} -  Rename parameters of methods
  /EnableProtectionFromDecompilers={1|0}  - Protect against decompilers

InqObfuscatorUnity.exe /build /Rename=1 /DontRenameClass=0 /IsDontRenamePublic=1
                      /EnableProtectionFromDecompilers=1 "c:\unity_test.unity3d"





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