Unpacker F.A.Q.

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Planned versions:

ver 12.00 (2024/03/31)

- Support Unity 2023

Available versions:

ver 11.11.01 (Online Unpacker:

Browser version (thin client)
All processes of unpacking, exporting, etc. will happen on the server. To work, you will need to authenticate by entering the license number and email, upload the game archive to the server in the Web interface and then work as with the regular desktop version, the result can be downloaded to your device.
You can run it on any device (computer, phone, tablet, and any OS)
All types of licenses are supported (with active annual subscription), as well as guest login (without a license)

ver 11.10 (2023/05/19)
- Allow dinamyc change decompilation type (IL2CPP) for view script as "CSharp" or "CSharp with ASM" in Viewer
- Added auto-search in the code of functions that call the 'SetAssetBundleDecryptKey' method
- Added auto-search in the code of functions that call the methods names with 'password', 'decrypt', 'encrypt'
- Add all system assembly to object tree item 'SystemAssembly' (for view more details in IL2CPP)
- IL2CPP restore: Sub classes include into parent class
- Add new item on tree "Scripts/Encryption information" (make on open game)
Contains information about functions where it can set a password, encryption key, functions are called:
- IL2CPP: TopMnu->Search form->"Search form" dialog: Add support search by class name, subclass name, class field names, class methon names
- IL2CPP: Fixed critical bug: with 64-bit Neon registrys

ver 11.09 (2023/03/03)
- Fixed critical bug in 11.XX versions
  - IL2CPP decompilation to C# cript

ver 11.08 (2023/02/27)
- Fixed bugs for 11.XX versions

ver 11.07 (2023/02/26)
- Fixed Unpacker UnityVersion, OSX Version, APK Version
- Fast open game with IL2CPP (resore code as script or script with asm)
- Delayed decompilation of scripts - to quickly open the game in script recovery mode for IL2CPP 

ver 11.06 (2023/02/20)
- Fixed restore c# code from IL2CPP (bug for same unity versions)
- Add support IL2CPP database for China Versions
- Fixed open Unity 4.x games with protection

ver 11.05 (2023/02/11)
- Remove debug attributes from il2cpp stup dlls
- Add support extract Encryted Asset Bundles (.unity, .unity3d, .ab, etc.) by Standart Unity encrytion (for China version)
  Tested on version: 2017.4.42c1

BuildPipeline.SetAssetBundleEncryptKey("0123456789abcdef"); // Encryption from unity editor
UnityEngine.AssetBundle.SetAssetBundleDecryptKey("0123456789abcdef"); // set decryption key for encrypted bundles
- Add auto-detect and use encryptoin key for SetAssetBundleDecryptKey

ver 11.04 (2023/01/22)
- Fixed VirtualMachine compiller
- Fixed ShaderLab converter
- Fixed critical error with open big bundles (more 1Gb)
- Fixed critical error on parse asset files (cannot open resources file for new Unity versions)

ver 11.03 (2022/12/24)
- Fixed restore shader for new UnityVersions: for DirectX platform
- Updated format database for different versions of Unity (better recovery of assets)
- Updated database for IL2CPP for different versions of Unity


 ver 11.02 (2022/12/18)
- Support resore assets: VFXManager, UnityConnectSettings,NavMeshAreas
- Fix with slow open game
- Add support shader parsing for new Unity version
- Support DirectX, OpenGL convert to UnityLab format
- Fix resotre c# script from IL2CPP binary 

ver 11.01  (2022/12/12)  - DISABLED VERSION

- IL2CPP to c#: Support new UnityEditor versions (29 internal metadata format)

- Fixed bug for open big lage Level & assets (with item count more 100000)
- Fixed problem with big SpriteAtlas (very slow open)
- Fixed error opening textures with non-standard format (extra bytes at the end of the asset)
- Fixed bug with export shaders (some shaders were not exported, in particular those that were in the "Hidden/" section)
- I2CPP for Windows x86 (64bit) platform: development of support for restoring C# code for x86 processors has begun
- Support auto detect and load unity bundle protected with content offset ( AssetBundle.LoadFromFile(filename, 0, offset) )
- Support auto detect and load multi-bundle files (pack many bundle in one file)
- Fixed read bundle '8' version
- Fixed repack bundles
- Fixed critical bugs on version 10.x (incorrect restore Monobehavior asset (deserialisation), bug with restore attributes for il2cpp mode etc )

ver 10.06 (2022/02/01)

- Fixed: Support restore IL2CPP for IPA (decryped)
- Update IL2CPP structure database
- Update assets metadata database

ver 10.05 (2021/09/12)
- Fixed bug with opening IL2CPP (code recovery)

ver 10.04 (2021/07/29)
- Fixed: WebGL Generate class structure
- Add MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission for android version
- Add: WebGL Restore code as JS ASM (wasm) (tested on Unity 2019.4.22)
- Add: WebGL Restore code as C# (Only partially (work not yet completed)) (tested on Unity 2019.4.22)
    Restore scrips fot WebGL (IL2CPP-wasm) for Unity 2019.x

- Fixed: Generate unity project with exclude system dll-s
- change ATCRGB4,ATCRGBA8 decompress

ver 10.03 (2021/05/28)
- Fixed: Select for "IL2CPP Restore Script settings"->"Decompiler type:"->"None" (Now the selection of this item is applied)
- Optimized for low using memory and faster speed on generate scripts without function code generation
- Optimized for low using memory on generate scripts with function code generation
- Fixed: problem with OutOfMemory on generate scripts with function code generation

ver 10.02 (2021/05/27)
- Implement ARM64: LDPSW, UCVTF
- IL2CPP: Add support Unity 2020.2.x, 2021.1.x

ver 10.01 (2021/05/05) - This is a preview version (tested only for Unity 2019.4)

Main function: IL2CPP (arm64 native) to C# - Works only on windows version of unpacker (not yet for MAC)
- Add support IL2CPP for IPA (IOS)
- support partial function code recovery (to c#) for android APKIL2CPP ARM 32/64 bit mode - for GameRecovery license type.
- support partial function code recovery (to c#) for iPhone, iPad - IPA (IOS) (only if the executable file is decrypted) - IL2CPP ARM 64 bit mode - for GameRecovery license type.
- Fixed: Parse AudioClip for Unity 4.x

Youtube-Video: GameRecovery - IL2CPP

How does it work: Decompilation of functions into ASM code + Metadata -> (Virtual machine + some magic) -> C# code
While not everything will be restored correctly - but enough to study the main part of the code in the form of C # or in the form of a mixed representation of ASM + C #.


ver 9.25 (2021/01/16)
- Fixed: Offset table for IL2CPP
- Fixed: GSL/DX Shader convert to ShaderLab


ver 9.24 (2021/01/13)
- Improvements on converting GLSL shaders to ShaderLab format
- Fixed a critical error that caused the program to crush when restoring a shader
- Added support for the new Unity 2020 asset format (general)
- Add: support auto replace additional shaders in marterial:
"Mobile/Particles/Alpha Blended"
"Mobile/Particles/VertexLit Blended"
"UI/Lit/Refraction Detail"
"UI/Unlit/Text Detail"
- Added automatic recommendations for shader recovery (which to restore as ShaderLab and which to replace with built-in ones)
- Fixed animation clip restore (add support CompressedRotationCurves)
- Add support export LightProbes Asset
- Add support generate LightingData Asset (LightmapSnapshot+LightProbes for Scene Lighting)
- Fixed bug on parse assets (Monobehavior) with UnityEngine.Gradien field type

ver 9.21 (2021/01/04)
Add: Parse support for protected bundle (.unity3d) (for header encrypted bundle)
Now bundles grouped as resources paths (for flag: Group resources)
Fixed critical error: If the target language was selected, then some assets were not processed correctly (level names could be empty, etc.)



ver 9.20 (2021/01/03)
- Fixed: Restore shader from DirectX format - now work correct.
- Fixed export bug (bug in versions 9.18, 9.19) for Unity 2018 and below. The error manifests itself in incorrect links to scripts for the UI
- Add devxc base functions:
   - string GetAssetGuid(PPtr)
   - string GetAssetID(PPtr)
   - string GetMonoScriptGuid(PPtr) - Return Script Guid (Example: fe87c0e1cc204ed48ad3b37840f39efc for MonoBehavior or MonoScript asets. m_Script: {fileID: 11500000, guid: fe87c0e1cc204ed48ad3b37840f39efc, type: 3})
   - string GetMonoScriptID(PPtr) - Return Script ID (Example: 11500000 for MonoBehavior or MonoScript asets. m_Script: {fileID: 11500000, guid: fe87c0e1cc204ed48ad3b37840f39efc, type: 3})
- Add support search bundles for all file extensions (.jpg, .wav etc)
- Add: Export default material (build-in)
- Add: Export option "Disable append bundle path"
- Add: Context menu "Export as multiple Unitypackage (separate files)"


ver 9.19 (2021/01/02)
- Fixed: Read and replace texture2d for Unity v5.6.4p4
- Fiexed: crash on export project, or open skin.guiskin
- Add: DireсtX Shader restore (as HLSL) with convert to UnityShaderLab (preliminary version, this module is still in development)
- Fix parse assets (Monobehavior)


ver 9.18 (2020/12/24)
- Set m_ObjectHideFlags = 0 for prefabs (so that when you open the prefab you can see the contents)
- Add suport export full TimelineAsset (.playable)
- Fixed support TextMeshPro
- Add support correct links to scrips:
- textmeshpro
- timeline
- 2d.common
- 2d.animation
- render-pipelines.core
- visualeffectgraph
- render-pipelines.universal
- probuilder
- postprocessing
- render-pipelines.high-definition-config
- render-pipelines.high-definition
- polybrush
- remote-config
- recorder
- 2d.pixel-perfect
- 2d.spriteshape
- xr.legacyinputhelpers
- subsystemregistration
- xr.arfoundation
- xr.arsubsystems
- cinemachine
- purchasin
- scriptablebuildpipeline
- multiplayer-hlapi
- tiny.desktop
- tiny.web
- platforms
- test-framework.performance
- serialization
- tiny.rendering
- properties
- burst
- barracuda
- burst
- game-foundation
- kinematica
- Fixed: Add Guid for plugins (Plugin: .so, .dll)
- Fixed: Link to animators (in timeline) for PlayableDirector and etc
- Fixed: Export AnimatorController asset (link to BlendTree)

ver 9.17 (2020/12/22)
- Fixed: Repack for compression method LZ4,LZ4HC (2019.x,2020.1.x,2020.2.x)

ver 9.16 (2020/12/21)
- Fixed: Links to inner prefab object (if the link is not to the prefab itself but to its internal component)
- Fixed: In the material - fixed the logic in the selection of a suitable shader instead of the one used (project generation mode without restoring the game shaders)
- Add support: ShaderVariantCollection
- Add to GraphicsSettings: ShaderVariantCollection
- Fixed parse AudioClip, AVIImport(video) - for Unity 2020.1.X, 2020.2.X


ver 9.15 (2020/12/20)
- Fixed: call function FindAssetsByNameAndType() in DevxC concole, and add example: "Export as .unitypackage for Prefabs"
- Updated IL2CPP decoder. This update includes support for new il2cpp types (including: WebGL), as well as an improved algorithm for restoring the class structure in the absence of il2cpp code (only using metadata and game analysis) .
Code recovery functions are not here.
- Add support: open WebGL as local direcotry (.unityweb: data, code)
- Add support WebGL IL2CPP
- Fixed: Read Texture2D for 2020.1.14f1 and higher
- Reduced the size of the distribution kit (some resources are downloaded when the program is first launched)

If you have problems with automatic downloading of extra resources (when starting the program), you can download them manually and unpack them into the program directory:
  Download URL: https://devxdevelopment.com/Distr/Unpacker-StreamingAssets/StreamingAssets.zip?RequiredVersion=9.15
  Extract to dir: <UnpackerDir>/StreamingAssets/*



ver 9.14 (2020/12/05)

- Fixed: Sprite animations (fixed sprite border & pivot )


ver 9.13 (2020/12/05)

- Fixed read bundles (2018.x, 2019.x, 2020.1.x)


ver 9.12 (2020/11/30)

- Fixed: spriteMeshType for sprites and sprite atlas
- Add button "Save all Sprites" for Texture2D (with sprites) to export all texture sprites as separate images (files)
- Add context menu "Export all Sprites (for Texture2D)" for Texture2D (with sprites) to export all texture sprites as separate images (files)
- New metadata for last Unity versions (2019.*, 2020.*)

ver 9.11 (2020/05/29)

- Add support Unity 2020.1.x
- Add support parse Shader for 2019.3.1 (or higger)
- disable export standart shaders on export (make Unity project, make UnityPackage)
- fixed AnimationController export
- fixed shader convert to UnityLab format
- Update DevXC


ver 9.10 (2019/09/16)

- Update shader convert module (from GL to ShaderLab)

- Fixed DevXC  example "Find and export as PNG textures"

- Fixed critical bug on read Mesh for Unity 5.x, 4.x (on 9.x versions)

- Fixed critical bug on read Sprite (on 9.x versions)

ver 9.09 (2019/09/16)

- Fixed critical bug mul matrix with vector for UnityLab format

- Fixed link to standart shaders from material (on export)


ver 9.08 (2019/09/15)

- Fixed export Mesh (bad chanel mask)

- Fixed critical error on export scripts (in path bad char: ';')

ver 9.07 (2019/09/15) 

- Update shader convert module (from GL to ShaderLab), restore syntax:

   > normalize(x)

   > mul()


   > UnityObjectToClipPos()

   > UnityObjectToViewPos()

   > texCUBElod()


   tested on "Assoluto Racing Real Grip Racing Drifting_v2.0.0" (tested on more 200 shaders)

- Fixed generate guids for scripts with the same names but in different dlls

- Fixed sprites outline for Unity 5.5 and less

- Set for Sprites spriteMeshType to FullRect

- Add support exponent float for DevXC (-2e+10)

- Fixed shader convert with exponent float variables (example: -2e+10)

- Add shader preview as UniyLab format for WinForm version

- Add export plugin for menu item "Export scrips"

- Fixed read Mesh

- Add export shader as UnityLab format from menu "Export resources to directory"

ver 9.06 (2019/08/31)
- Fixed bug with AssemblyPostProcessor.devxc (Message box for MagicStudio license)
- Fixed support restore shaders for Unity 5.3-5.4 (total support unity 5.3-2019.2)
- Update shader restore module (to ShaderLab) (tested on CarRace game: all exported shaders work) 

ver 9.05 (2019/08/30)

- For shader lab add auto convert sqrt(dot(x,x)) to length(x)

- Add option "Allow restore shaders (base mode, without convert to ShaderLab format)"

- Add support Unity 2018.4.x, 2019.2 for IL2CPP (restore class structures)

- Add auto detect il2cpp format version

- Add support restore class structure by only global-metadata.dat file (without .so library)

- Add "AssemblyPostProcessor.devxc":

    - string GetCustomAssemblyPath(string game_directory, string current_assembly_path, string assembly_name, bool is_il2cpp)  //  Change link to assembly

    - string ReplaceWithCustomAssembly(string game_directory, string current_assembly_path, string assembly_name, bool is_il2cpp) // Replace assembly in game

    - string FindAssembly(string game_directory, string assembly_name, bool is_il2cpp) // Call if not find assembly, you can return custom assembly


- Fixed error with DecompilerFi  (bug on version 9.04)

- Fixed error with unity dlls  (bug on version 9.04)

- Fixed error with flat path ("Scripts/UnityStandardAssets_CrossPlatformInput" -> "Scripts/UnityStandardAssets/CrossPlatformInput")


ver 9.04 (2019/08/29)

- Fixed DevXC runtime

- Add support to DevXC:  s1=@"c:\dir1\dir2\"; // is make string: c:\dir1\dir2\

- Add support to DevXC:  s2=@"--""+123""--";  // is make string: --"123"--

- Add support restore shaders for Unity 5.3-5.4 (total support unity 5.3-2019.2)

- Add DevXC functions:

- byte[] BrotliDecompress(byte[] in_buffer);

- byte[] LZ4Decompress(byte[] in_buffer);

- byte[] LZ4Decompress(byte[] in_buffer, int decompessed_size);

- byte[] LZMADecompress(byte[] in_buffer);

- Add fast function to DevXC Control

- Add examples to DevXC Control

- Add fast filter for Shaders (menu Filter)

- Add fast filter for Materials (menu Filter)

ver 9.03 (2019/08/22)

- Fixed bugs for VirtualMachine and compiler DevXC
- Fixed restore Shader - Fixed restore structure class for IL2CPP
- Fixed make stub plugin (dll) for IL2CPP
- Fixed TagManager
- update functions for DevXC

ver 9.02 (2019/08/22)

Demo video

- Fided open ipa, apk with long paths

- Fixed restore Shader to UnityLab 2019.x format (Unity 5.6, 2017.x, 2018.x, 2019.x)

- Fided restore TextMesh with correct materals (from font)


- Fixed VirtualMachine for DevXC (continue operator, << and >> operator, new for masive, etc)


- Add devxc base functions: (https://devxdevelopment.com/DevXC)

- PPtr[] FindAssetsByNameAndType(string name, string assetType)

- IEnumerable<PPtr> EnumAllAssets()

- void MakeFBX(savePath,exp_items={})

- void SaveOBJ(string savePath, PPtr) - save model as obj format (from 9.02 version)

- void SaveDUMP(string savePath, PPtr) - save asset dump in devxbxml format  (from 9.02 version)

- string EditText(string caption, string text) - show edit text dialog (from 9.02 version)

- string InputTextLine(string caption, string text) - show input text line dialog (from 9.02 version)

- IEnumerable<PPtr> EnumAllAssetsFiltered() - Enum all assets by curret UI filter (treeView filter) (from 9.02 version)


- Change SourcesPostProcessor.devxc

   add function: bool DisableBuildinProcessor(string file, string code) - if return true - Do not use the unpacker built-in code converter

   add function: string SourcesPostProcessorBefore(string file, string code) - Call before unpacker built-in code converter - for custom change c# code

   add function: string SourcesPostProcessorAfter(string file, string code) - Call after unpacker built-in code converter - for custom change c# code


- Add ConvertAutdio.devxc

  byte[] ConvertAutdio(asset, byte[] in_buffer)


- Add ConvertTexture.devxc   

   byte[] ConvertImageToARGB(asset, string format, int format_code, int width, int height, byte[] in_buffer)

   byte[] PostProcessorForARGB(asset, string format, int format_code, int width, int height, byte[] argb_buffer)

   byte[] CompressImageFromARGB(asset, string format, int format_code, int width, int height, byte[] argb_buffer)


- Add MaterialPostProcessor.devxc

string MakeShaderLink(asset, string material_name, string real_shader_link, string build_in_result_link)

string MaterialProcessorAfter(asset, string name, string mat_text_asset)


- Add ShaderPostProcessor.devxc

string ShaderLabProcessorBefore(asset, string name, string m_GpuProgramType, string src_gls, loc_keywords)

string ShaderLabProcessorAfter(asset, string name, string m_GpuProgramType, string src_shader_lab, string src_gls, loc_keywords)



ver 9.01 (2019/08/15)

- Fixed critical bug for Unity 3.x games on export mesh to unty project & Unitypackage (crush Unity on open project)

- Fixed export Mesh for Unity 3.x, 4.x

- Add support repack zip files


- Add support view on unpacker Shaders for DX, GLES, Metal, Vulkan

- Add option "Allow restore shader as UnityLab format (for GameRecovery license type)"

  This option enables automatic conversion of compiled shaders to Unity format (UnityLab)

  (from compiled GLES Shader format to Unity Lab Shader format)


- Fixed export for sprites: auto separate to sprite files (for correct restore spritePixelsToUnits value for sprite)    

- Fixed export for sprites: auto separate for atlas sprite files (for correct load as Resource file)    

- Fixed export for sprites: correct restore spritePixelsToUnits, Pivot.

- Fixed export for sprites: outline & PhysicsShape

- Add option for export project:  "Export multi sprite texture as separate sprite files"


- Optimization for export project with plugins (more speed)

- Fixed restore layers for Unity 4.x

- Add support ASTC texure comprssion for unity unpakcer version (on WinForm is work)


- Add new menu item: "Open current action history"

- Add new menu item: "DevXC Console"


- Add support auto save history of actions (by default to file in programm directory:  Default_Action_History.devxc)

- Add support run history action file (.devxc) (for GameRecovery and GameModding license type) by drag&drop file to unpacker form

.devxc file support syntax for DevXC language


    supported functions in .devxc file:


- PPtr FindPPtr(string assetName, long pathID)

- string GetAssetType(PPtr)

- string GetName(PPtr)

- Item FindItemByPPt(PPtr)

- IEnumerable<PPtr> EnumByAssetType(string class_name)

- object MakeAssetObject(obj)  - Make full asset info by PPtr or item

- PPtr ChangeToPPtr(object) - Change to PPtr link

- object GetAssetField(asset_object)

- void _SetAssetField(asset_object, object)  - Set new value to asset field

- string GetAssetFieldsYamp(asset_object)

- void SelectItemOnTreeView(item) - select treeview item by PPtr/Item/node


- ShowDebug()

- ClearDebug()

- Clear()


- OpenGameDir(openPath, custom_file_list={})

- openAutoSelect(file_name)

- openAPKFile(file_name)

- openIPAFile(file_name)

- openUnitypackageFile(file_name)

- openWebGLFile(file_name)

- openOsgJS(file_name)

- MakeScriptsOfProject(savePath)

- ExportToDir(savePath,exp_items={})

- ExportForRepack(savePath,exp_items={})

- ImportForRepack(openPath)

- MakePrefabs(savePath)

- MakeUnityUnitypackage(savePath,assets={})

- ExportUassetsFromUnrealEnginePAK(savePath,exp_items={})

- SaveSubContents(savePath)

- SaveAPK(out_dir,APKSignParams)

- ExportConvertedContent(savePath, PPtr)

- SavePNG(savePath, PPtr)

- SaveAsWAV(savePath, PPtr)

- SaveSubContent(savePath, PPtr)

- SaveAssetRawWithHeader(savePath, PPtr)

- ReplaceImage(sourceFile,PPtr)

- ReplaceText(text,PPtr)

- ReplaceTextByFile(sourceFile,PPtr)




ver 8.11 (2019/07/30)

- Fixed open .devxbxml format (add asset cross-links)

- Fixed export sprites


ver 8.10 (2019/07/30)

- Fixed bug: Repack after change monobehavior paramters (with sub massives)

- Add support restore NavMesh for unity 5.5

- Add support restore Terrain for unity 5.5

- Fixed ASTC compression (bug with FlipY)


ver 8.09 (2019/07/17)

- Fixed critical bug on export big projects (swap file error)

- Add option: Disable сustom swap file (in file stream)

- Fixed critical bug on parce MonoBehavior

- Update IL2CPP module (Unity 2019)

- Fixed export Flare

- Fixed prefab export

ver 8.08 (2019/07/15)

- Fixed parce Monobehavior paramerts

- fixed parce TextMeshPro UI

- Add option for export Unity 2019.1 format

- fixed Parce Mesh for Unity 2019.x

- Add support export NavMesh, NavMeshSettings

- Add export option: "Disable header information for scripts (header on .cs files)"

- Add export option: "Allow async export"

- Fixed bug: slow generate unity project

- Fixed critical bug on export big projects

ver 8.07 (2019/06/04)

- Add support Unity 2019.1.0
- Add support Unity 2019.1.1
- Add support Unity 2019.1.2
- Add support Unity 2019.1.3 

ver 8.06 (2019/05/24)

- Fixed bug with links to SpriteAtlas

- Fixed bug for parce Monobehavior parameters (recursive type fields)

- Fixed bug with export to FBX, now after export (in binary format) you can open it in a blender and other 3d editors

- Add dialog with options on export to FBX

ver 8.05 (2019/04/30)

- fixed bug with DecompilerFi

- Add for SourcesFix: auto fix "public override" to "public" for class implement from MonoBehavior


ver 8.04 (2019/04/26)

- Add new option for decompilers 

- fixed change assembly decompilation types


ver 8.02 (2019/04/15)

- Fixed: TagManager.asset for layers

- Fixed "Duplicate asset" (change links for assets)

- Add tree view context menu: "Add GameObject"



ver 8.01 (2019/04/05)

- Add support change asset for split files (.split0, .split2 etc)
- Add new license type: DevX-GameModding
- Fixed asset fields edit
- Fixed critical bug (7.26 - 7.30 ) wrong references to scene objects
- Fixed SpriteAtlas export (for unity)

- Add new Game Modding functions: Clone asset, Copy and Paste asset to another asset, remove assets (available for DevX-GameModding & DevX-GameRecovery)
- Add tree view context menu: "Duplicate asset"
- Add tree view context menu: "Copy asset"
- Add tree view context menu: "Paste asset"
- Add tree view context menu: "Delete asset"
- Add tree view context menu: "Add child asset with duplicate by selection dialog"
- Add menu item on tab page Asset Header Edit: "Paste asset" - for fast change asset links

ver 7.30 (2019/03/29)

- Add filter by: Sprite, Texture2D, Cubemap

- Fixed make prefab for unity less 2018.3

- Change UI for "Script Generate Options" (add customized select assembly export type)

- Add support: include .SO libs to UnityProject

- Mark Windows native dll  - as plugin for Windows (on Generate Unity Project)

- Fixed a bug with the replacement of textures that had MipMap levels (the texture color channels changed)



ver 7.29 (2019/03/26)

- Add navigation by item selection history

- Fixed crush on selected item on tree

- Fixed critical bu: make Mesh on Unpacker versions 7.2x (problem with animations)

ver 7.28 (2019/03/26)

- Fixed bug with read monobehavior parameters

- Fixed bug on binary analizer for monobehavior

ver 7.27 (2019/03/22)

- Fixed bug with link to script (from monobehavior) on vestion 7.26, 7.25, 7.24


ver 7.26 (2019/03/21)

- Fixed bug on generate Mesh asset in 7.25  version


ver 7.25 (2019/03/21)

- Fixed bug with links to Sprites (if used SpriteAtlas)

- Fixed bug for Mesh on Unity 2018 or higger

- Fixed bug with prefab on Unity 2018 or higger (crash unity editor)

- Fixed bug with convert Mesh (3.x, 4.x) to Unity 2018 or higger (crash unity editor)

- Fixed common preview (unicode text)


ver 7.24 (2019/03/13)

- Fixed bug with unpack Sprites from SpriteAtlas


ver 7.23 (2019/03/12)

- Fixed Critical error on read asset (SpriteRendere and others)

- Update Binary analyzer (support C# like code)



ver 7.23 (2019/03/12)

- Fixed Critical error on read asset (SpriteRendere and others)

- Update Binary analyzer (support C# like code)


ver 7.22 (2019/02/22)

- Add option for UnityUI versions: "Allow to de-obfuscate assembly" for automatic DeObfuscate assembly

- Fix for "Allow to de-obfuscate assembly"

- Fixed critical error on export scriptable objects

- Add Binary Analyzer (Open->Open Binary Analyzer tools or on HEX View) syntax like C (c#) base types + structures



ver 7.21 (2019/02/18)

- Fixed parce Mesh for Unity 2018.3 and higger

- Fixed critical error on generate prefabs (crash unity)

- Add option on Import settings (IL2CPP): "Restore only fields (for deserialization and minimize scripts errors)"

- Fixed problem: asset not marked as resource

- Add option: "Allow to de-obfuscate assembly" for automatic DeObfuscate asssembly

- Fixed UniyUI versions (MAC, APK, UnityEditor, WinUnity)

ver 7.20 (2019/02/12)

- Fixed IL2CPP read monobehavior parameters

- Fixed make stub DLL for IL2CPP

- Add support option "Allow delayed extraction of scripts" for IL2CPP for GameRecovery license type (allows you to view the parameters of the scripts in the built project - without fixing the scripts (for this, a DLL plugin is created stub, but this script code is not there, only stubs))

- Add support TimeLine restore

- Add support PlayableDirector

- Add support restore full playable asset with ActivationTrack, ActivationPlayableAsset, AnimationTrack, AudioTrack, ControlTrack, ControlPlayableAsset, PlayableTrack

- Fixed critical error on read monobehavior parameters


ver 7.19 (2019/02/07)

- Fixed restore ParticleSystem (NaN error)

- Add support TerrainLayer

- Add support TerrainData for Unity 2018.2, 2018.3

- Fixed errors on restre scripts with dnSpy mode

- Remove empty dirs in project directory



ver 7.18 (2019/01/29)

- Fixed restore ProjectSetting: Tags and Layers  (Affects creating distribution for WebGL from restored project)

- Fixed License replace (error with 404)

- Fixed decode DTX1Crunched & DTX5Crunched

- Fixed restore monobehavior parameters with "volatile" field options (example: public volatile bool flag;)

- Fixed restore assets with file extention (image.jpg.png, text.txt.txt)

- Add support restore standart Water materials with Shaders (to Unity 2018.3)

- Add support restore TextMeshPro materials with Shaders (to Unity 2018.3)

- Add support export to Unity 2018.3 project

ver 7.18 (2019/01/29)

- Fixed restore ProjectSetting: Tags and Layers  (Affects creating distribution for WebGL from restored project)

- Fixed License replace (error with 404)

- Fixed decode DTX1Crunched & DTX5Crunched

- Fixed restore monobehavior parameters with "volatile" field options (example: public volatile bool flag;)

- Fixed restore assets with file extention (image.jpg.png, text.txt.txt)

- Add support restore standart Water materials with Shaders (to Unity 2018.3)

- Add support restore TextMeshPro materials with Shaders (to Unity 2018.3)

- Add support export to Unity 2018.3 project

ver 7.16 (2018/12/15)

- Fixed: ParticleSystem (NaN values)
- Fixed: Restore AnimationController
- Add support Texture3D


ver 7.15 (2018/12/02)

- Fixed select plugin for restore scripts (Magic Studio license type)


ver 7.14 (2018/12/02)

- Fixed critical error: For gameobject names

- Fixed critical error: Links to prefab assets (components)

- Add restore reflection probe

- Fixed: Restore Template scripts (<T>)

- Add to GameRecovery license type: option "Allow delayed extraction of scripts" (Unpacker Script Manager: dynamicly extract script on result project)

- Fixed: texture wrap mode, aniso, filter mode

- Fixed: Project settings NavMeshSettings (crash of Unity)

- Fixed: Scene generate for Unity4 (crash of Unity)

- Add restore QualitySettings (Unity4)

- Add dds & pvr formats for replace image

With GameRecovery 7.14 from apk to WebGL by full source code (with correction)




ver 7.13 (2018/11/23)

- Add support "Replace Sprite" (from png) for Sprite Atlas

- Fixed bug on 7.12 version - read sprites

- Fixed bug for UnityUI version - "Wait Dialog" not close

- Fixed: Bug with equal script names

- Fixed: ParticleSystem

- Fixed: Auto-Fix sources (restore events, remove DebuggerBrowsable attribute)

- Add support sprites with outline

- Fixed: Restore AnimationClip (add support any fields types)

- Fixex: DevX Script Manager (componetn in restored project for script managing)

Example Video:


ver 7.12 (2018/11/20)

- Fixed: Parce sprite  (for Unpacker based on UnityUI)

- Fixed: User interface (for Unpacker based on UnityUI)

- Add new items to tree View contect menu  (for Unpacker based on UnityUI)

- Fixed: Asset header edit  (for Unpacker based on UnityUI)

- Add support "Replace Sprite" (from png)

- Add support NavAgent (for scene)

ver 7.11 (2018/11/16)

- Add export options: Disable export shaders (for minimize errors)

- Add progress bar for UnityUI

- Auto-Fix modifed/ecrypted assembly for generate project (convert assembly tot plugin)

- Fixed read monobehavior parameters for Unity 3.x (read links)

- Add support StateMachineBehaviour for recovery Animation controller

- Set export as Script by defauilt for classes based off UnityEngine.StateMachineBehaviour class (Animation Controller not support links to Plugin)

- Add support StateMachineBehaviour recovery for AnimationController

- Add to MonoScript and ScriptableObject inspector - script recovery tools

- Fixed: Generate materials

- Fixed critical bugs (for many child items on transform)

- Fixed error with Three View

Example Video:


ver 7.10 (2018/11/12)

- Change TreeView Control to custom (for speed: full, clear)

- Optimized internal search by type (for export porject)

- Fixed: Seach form

- Fixed critical error on parsing Monobehavior for List<T>

- Fixed critical error on parsing Monobehavior for AnimationCurve

- Add support Lens Flare asset

- Fixed Terrain on prefab

- Fixed open splited resource files

- Add progress bar (WinForms)

ver 7.09 (2018/11/08)

- Add support TimeLine

- Add support UnityEngine.HoloLens

- Add support UnityEngine.Analitic

- Add Context menu for tree view  "Find All References"

  Attention important function:

- Add support convert Assembly-CSharp.dll (and other) - to dll Plugin (This allows you to work around the problem with errors in the scripts.)

- Added the ability to extract individual scripts from assemblies, while the assembly itself is transformed into a plugin

- Added support for dynamic switching between internals by scripts and plug-ins, this means that you can export a project in the mode of exporting code as a plugin (dll) and opening in Unity you can extract only the necessary scripts.

ver 7.08 (2018/10/30)

Fixed: Incorrect detect unity patch version

Fixed: Restore Tag names (MainCamera, Player)

Fixed: Missed Links to AudioClip (in scened and prefabs)

Fixed: Bug on asynk load assets

Fixed: Show menu icons for UnityUI unpacker version

Add support select - assembly export mode: As sources code (to dll .cs files) or as dll plugin (all links to classes modifed for assess by dll). Avaliable on script settings dialog.


ver 7.07 (2018/10/28)

Fixed: Preiew image files (APK, Stabdelone)

Add: Show adresses and function name for patch so libs (example: libhack.so)

Fixed: Texture Crunch decode

Add support restore animation clip for SpriteRenderer (sprite animation)

Add auto-fix string swich (<>f__switch$map), <>__FixedBuffer

Fixed: Plugins decompilation (to .cs)



ver 7.06 (2018/10/19)

Fixed: System.NullReferenceException on expand treeview node

Fixed: Repack image for store content in .resS file

Fidex: Zoom on image view control

Add: Free save asset contents

Add: Free save texture (png), audio (wav), Font, Text, Script (cs), Mesh (obj)

Add: Contect menu on tree view:

- Save asset header

- Save content (without contertaion)

- Export content (with convert format: png, wav, etc)

- Replace binary content (binary, png, wav, etc)

- Add: Save audio to FSB5

- Add: Auto decrypt Assembly dll

- Add: Auto Correct modifed Assembly dll

- Add Game database with preview game structure (tree)

- Fixed Search form (more item types support)


ver 7.05 (2018/10/04)

- Fixed Read Mesh Asset

- Add: Decode binary AndroidManifest.xml (from APK) -  to text xml format

- Add: Extract resources.arsc (from APK) - to xml resources files

- Add: Parse dex files, Show Java classes on tree view

- Add: Context menu item (treevew): Make node dump - for export asset for study

- Fixed: open asset files (With non standard headers)

- Fixed: critical error on Replace image (for mipmap levels)



ver 7.04 (2018/09/20)

- Fixed critical bug on repack assets

- Fixed Export Terraing to UnityPackage & Zip & Unity project

- Added support auto convert DTX1Crunched to DTX1 on repack

- Added support auto convert DTX5Crunched to DTX5 on repack

- Added support auto convert ETC2_RGBA8Crunched to ETC2_RGBA8 on repack

- Added support auto convert unsupotred formats to DTX5 on repack


ver 7.03 (2018/09/17)

Fixed: Read Mesh Asset


ver 7.02 (2018/09/13)

Fixed: Replace ASTC encoded images

Add Unity 2017.4.10f1

Add menu item: "Export->Export uassets from Unreal Engine PAK"

Fixed: Open UE apk (tested on Lineage2 Revolution_v0.25.12_apkpure.com.apk)

Fixed: Critical bug on read monobehavior parametors


ver 7.01 (2018/08/22)

Add: AudioMixerController asset

Add in Header Edit, memu: Save to file, Replace selected item from file

Add to Export for replace Scriptable objects (raw value)

Fixed: Parse Mesh for Unity 1.x

Fixed: run from command line

Fixed: GameRecovery paused on errors

UnrealEngine support

Add support UnrealEngine PAK containers

Add support UnrealEngine uasset load metatata objects (object fields)

Add support UnrealEngine uasset Textures view & export

Add support UnrealEngine uasset StaticMesh (UE4) view & export

Add support UnrealEngine uasset SoundWave play & export



ver 6.24 (2018/07/23)

- Fixed: AnimationCurve on Monobehavior parameters

- Fixed: generate guid for Scripts

- Fixed: ProjectSettings read for Unity 2018

- Fixed: Mesh preview

- Fixed: Long time generate project for IL2CPP



ver 6.23 (2018/06/29)

- Fixed auto correct source code for <>f__mg$cache field names

- Fixed Export resources to dir for Mesh (convert to obj format)

- Fixed critical error with restore AnimationController (for 6.x unpacker versions)

- Exclude restore build-in shaders

- Exclude restore build-in fonts


ver 6.22 (2018/06/23)

- Fixed activation bug


ver 6.21 (2018/06/22)

- Add auto correct source code for <>f__mg$cache field names

- Fixed: Export AVIImportSettings (avi, mp4 etc)

- Add support read monobehavior content for scrips with getneric generic parametrs

- Fixed: PolygonCollider2D restore for Make Project


ver 6.20 (2018/06/11)

- Add support old crunched images (Unity 2017.2/1,5.x: DTX1Crunched,DTX5Crunched)

- Fixed: GameRecovery mesh preview

- Fixed: First person control for GameRecovery

- Add auto correct normals for meshs on GameRecovery

- Add export image assets on MakeScene to png format (for GameRecovery)

- Add auto convert unity NormalMap texture to classic Normal map texture


ver 6.19 (2018/06/08)

- Add: Export selected script (.cs) to Zip & Unitypackage

- Add filtered count to menu Filter->Search result count: ___

- Add export Monobehavior (scene monobehavior, after select on treeview) to zip or Unitypackage

- Fixed: dnSpy decompiller (critical bug)

- Fixed: Textures decode

- Fixed critical error for read asset strucure

- Fixed: unpack APK

- First realization function of import sketchfab models. Support only old formats

   Example: https://sketchfab.com/models/c3oFUCpyRK49ji7C9wKjktdrsls

ver 6.18 (2018/06/05)

- Fixed: Bug with using tools (dnSpy and others for sound, textures )

- Fixed: Critical bug with generate assets and scenes for massives (on Generate Project, Export .unitypackage)

- Add memory limit for clear cache

- Fixed: Crunched DXT1/DXT5 for old unity

ver 6.17 (2018/06/03)

- Fixed: Read metadata

- Add functions: 

  "Export resources for Repack" - Export filtered resources with index files (for search asser to repack)

  "Import resources for Repack" - Import resources for unpack (search changed files)

  https://youtu.be/-53iEvK43eg - video demonstration


ver 6.16 (2018/06/03)

- Fixed: Export RenderTexture asset

- Fixed: Asset header edit (for Unity version)

- Fixed: TextAsset content convert. Add auto detect content type: text or binary. For preview binary convert to base64

- Add Select Wait type options

ver 6.15 (2018/06/02)

- Add support Tilemap restore

- Fixed: Correct scene names for full paths (example: "f:/dir/GameProject/Assets/Scenes/scene.unity")

- Fixed: Default path for zipalign tools

- Add support Cytus2 Chart auto Decrypt/Encrypt

- Add support 7zip text asset compressed

ver 6.14 (2018/06/01)

- Fixed: Bug on reopen new game after previous (without close Unpacker)

- Fixed: Error with flipY image on replace

- Fixed: Convertation Image on replace with FlipY


ver 6.13 (2018/06/01)

- Fixed: Move scroll to selected item on treeview (WinForms)

- Fixed: Replace image ETC_RGB4

- Fixed: Critical error on Image preview (bug in ver 6.12)

- Add: Search dialog (for Unity version)

- Fixed: WebGL brotli compression


ver 6.12 (2018/05/31)

- Fixed: for dnSpy remove AssemblyInfo class

- Fixed: Monobehavior read parametrs (bool, short arrays)

- Add option: FlipY on replace Image

- Add save setting: Fon for image preview

- Add function for change asset links on games



ver 6.11 (2018/05/29)

- Fixed: Input control for 3D fly/first person mode (unity package)

- Fixed: Critical error with GenerateUnity Project, Export UnityPackage

- Add dnSpy decompiler support (Win Form Version)

- Video for Game Recovery https://youtu.be/t2eaqYvNNkQ 


ver 6.10 (2018/05/27)

- Fixed: Build settings->Scened in build (fix scenes guid)

- Fixed: Export Terrain (bug in 6.09 ver)

- Fixed: Export mesh (for old version with extport settings to unity 2018)

- Fixed: Terrain preview (for UnityVersion uncpaker)

- Fixed: Make unitypackage (bug in 6.09,6.08 ver)

- Add filter Primitive Models

- Add AnimationClip preview (for humanoid animation)


ver 6.09 (2018/05/25)

- Fixed: Open IL2CPP with bad metadata

- Fixed: Make material (for Unity ver)

- Fixed: Particle preview (unity ver)


ver 6.08 (2018/05/25)

- Fixed: Mesh preview (with sub meshs) (for Unity UI)

- Optimize: Mesh (make fbx, make preview, make obj)

- Fixed: Open WebGl with 'gz' data encoding

- Add: Copy StreamingAssets to Restoring UnityProject

- For Unity Editor ver: Add materiald: Standard (Roughness setup),Standard (Roughness setup)


- SPEED OPTIMIZATIONS (on open game)


ver 6.07 (2018/05/21)

- Fixed: Crash on decode ETC2_RGBA8Crunched, ETC_RGB4Crunched (WinForms version)

- Fixed & add support to decode: DXT1Crunched, DXT5Crunched, ETC2_RGBA8Crunched, ETC_RGB4Crunched  (WinForms version, Unity.Win version)

- Fixed: Bug with open bundles

- Change install directory


ver 6.06 (2018/05/19)

-Fixed: for detect asset file


ver 6.05 (2018/05/19)

- Add suport parce AnimatorOverrideController for preview animations (for Unity UI versions)

- Add: AnimatorOverrideController - to restore assets

- Add: Add auto search animation clips on srcipt links for Anumation Preview (Unity UI version)

- Fixed: MeshRenderes enable state read (for Unity UI version)

- Fixed: Link to Monobehavior in prefabs

- Fixed: Support Brotli compression format

- Fixed: Open assets bundle


ver 6.04 (2018/05/16)

- Fixed: Rights ExportFBX for Unpacker Tools and Repacker Tools

- Fixed: Problem with enter license


ver 6.03 (2018/05/15)

- Fixed: MeshRenderer for multiple materials

- Fixed: Links to Gameobject in scenes and prefabs

- Add: Automatic selection of the most suitable standard shader for material when exporting (Generate Unity project)

- Set option "Run In Background" for Unity versions

- Fixed: Restore script for IL2CPP

- Fixed: Read Monobehavior paramerts for IL2CPP apk

- Add: 'Android Unpacker' type license (export resources, export fbx, repack tools)

- Add: Export FBX in 'Unpacker Tools' license type

- Add: Export plugins to .unitypackage

- Add: Export IL2CPP restored dll (structure only) to .unitypackage or zip

- Add: Export custom selected (on tree) class items to .unitypackage or zip

- Add: Export tree items to ZIP atchive



ver 6.02 (2018/05/10)

Fixed: Asynk load game

Fixed: APK Sign options dialog

Fixed: Repack functions (Apply changes button)

Add in Make Scene (Editor Studio Ext):

- RectTransform

- Canvas

- Image

- Text

- Buttom

Fixed: Error with Export Unity project (not created scenes)

Fixed: ParticleSystemRenderer, Rigidbody2D,  AreaEffector2D, TextMesh




ver 6.01 (2018/05/10)

Fixed: Error on demo version




ver 5.25 (2018/05/09)

- Fixed: Restore m_TagString from m_Tag number

- Fixed read script paramerts (BoundsInt,LayerMask,Color32)

- Add support Unity 2018.1.0f1

- Fixed rights for license type 'Editor Studio'


ver 5.24 (2018/05/08)

- Fixed: Open split assets (error from 5.22 version)

- Add option (import settings): Async make of Assets

- Optimization for speed (for game to open)

- Fixed: Make and save assets with bad names ("Combined Mesh (root:Scene)") for Editor Studio version


ver 5.23 (2018/05/06)

- Fixed: Import settings windows size (for Unity version)

- Add: Allow copy (and paste to other scene) generated scene items (for UnityEditor version)


ver 5.22 (2018/05/03)

- Add option (import settings): Ignore scenes

- Add option (import settings): Ignore StreamingAssets directory

- Add option (import settings): Async parse of Bundle

- Add option (import settings): Async parse of Assets

- Optimization for speed (for game to open)

- Fixed bug with incorrect link to class from plugin (m_Script)


ver 5.21 (2018/05/03)

Fixed: MAC, WIN: Compressed texture unpack (view, save)

Fixed: Export to Unitypackage with '.' on asset path names



ver 5.20 (2018/05/03)

Fiex: Android Version

Fiex: MAC OS Version

Add: Custom UI Scale, Font size

Add: Animaion preview in scene



ver 5.19 (2018/04/27)

Add: Unpacker for MAC OS platform - beta version

Add: Unpacker for Androidplatform - beta version


ver 5.18 (2018/04/25)

Add: Support export Mesh to Unity 2018.1 format

Add: Support export Animations to Unity 2018.1 format

Optimization for open game

Fixed: Link to text asset

Fixed: Slow generate project


ver 5.17 (2018/04/17)

Add: Script support .net 4.6 by default (Unity 2018)

Add: Script allow unfsave script by default

ver 5.16 (2018/04/15)

Fixed: Error with decode (view, export) textures (bug in 5.15,5.14)



ver 5.15 (2018/04/15)

Add: Filter by Prefab type

Add: Filter by GameObject type

Fixed: Scene names restore

Fixed: Generate Unity Project (detect scene from bundles)

Fixed: Generate Unity Project (bad script paths)



ver 5.14 (2018/04/04)

Fixed: Problem with run


ver 5.13 (2018/04/03)

Fixed: Show text for text asset

Fixed: Parsing assets links (error in 5.12 version)

Fixed: Read monobehavior parametrs

ver 5.12 (2018/03/30)

Fixed: Read monobehavior script parametrs (Great fix)

Fixed: Make scene (.unity), prefab  on Generate project (Great fix)

ver 5.11 (2018/03/29)

ver 5.10 (2018/03/28)

Fixed: Repack and export


ver 5.09 (2018/03/28)

Fixed: Remove delay on open game

Fixed: Fixed critical error on Generate Unity Project


ver 5.08 (2018/03/27)

License binding id

ver 5.07 (2018/03/27)

Fixed: Bug with modification asset headers for unicode strings

Fixed: Export fingers animations for unity models

Fixed: Export animation to .Unitypackage

Fixed: Export to Unitypackage (not finished export)

Fixed: Detect and export prefab for Generate project (or unitypackage)



ver 5.06 (2018/03/14)

- Fixed Restore levels name for bundles

- Fixed: Make levels from bundles

- Fixed: Correct Level name restore (if exist mainData)

- Add Search in Scripts (c# script content)

ver 5.05 (2018/03/12)

- Fixed bug with run on Windows 7 - if cannot find font Cambria regular

- Fixed: Out of memory error for IL2CPP decompilation

- Add option: Setting->Show fast menu

- Add view bundle content as list view

- Add rename bundle content assets

- Fixed export Terrain in scene

- Add OcclusionCullingData asset

- Fixed read BuildSettings for Unity 2018.x

- Add options on open game: With Generate Project

- Add options on open game: With Export Resources

ver 5.04 (2018/02/28)

- Add: Save import options

- Fixed: Replace Sound for Unity 3.x, 4.x

- Fixed: Repack assets for Unity 3.x, 4.x

- Fixed: Open WebGL games compressed by Brotli alogoritm

- Fixed: Search Form - search by content


ver 5.01 (2018/02/25)

- Update main form menu

- Add support Replace AudioClip in assets with resize (replace ogg, mp3, wav)

- Add Search filter by: name, asset type, id, content

- Add parsing AssetBundle (resources structure)

ver 4.49 (2018/02/23)

- Fixed: Problem with run

ver 4.48 (2018/02/23)

- Add Search Form (search in all files, assets by content)


ver 4.47 (2018/02/22)

- Add C# code post convert (fix script errors)

- Add group SharedAssets on tree view

- Fixed: Replace for RGB565 format

- Fixed: Monobehavior read parametrs



ver 4.46 (2018/02/20)

- Add export terrain to FBX

- Add support binary fbx format



ver 4.45 (2018/02/14)

- Fixed problems with run


ver 4.44 (2018/02/12)

- Add: Support TextAsset replace text content with resize (increase the size)

- Add: Support Asset headers replace content (with resize)

- Add: Support MonoBehavior parameters change content (with resize)

- Add new text editor with: Find, Replace and view options

- Add option "Disable auto open result files"

- Add support export animations for FBX format

- Fixed: Monobehavior parameters read (field flag NonSerialized)

- Inspector (left window) updated


ver 4.43 (2018/02/08)

- Add option: Saving RAM (by default on)

- Fixed: make obj files name (for combined mesh)

- Add multi-select on tree - for export (.unitypackage,.fbx) (CTRL+Legt Click)

- Fixed: Make Fbx for skinned models


ver 4.42 (2018/02/06)

- Add Support Bunlde Repack (.unity3d), changed assets repack to bundle file (.unity3d)

- Fixed: String switch generated code auto correction (for decompiler);

- Fixed: Monobehavior save parametrs to scene and prefabs

- Fixed: Make FBX for objects with Combined mesh

- Add Poses to fbx


ver 4.40 (2018/02/02)

- Fixed: Error for export scene (if name start with '/')

- Fixed: Make meshes from Combined Mesh (static object)

- Add: Option for set custom temp directory

- Optimized memory using

- Optimized parce speed

- Add animations to FBX format (test implementation, the work is not finished yet)


ver 4.39 (2018/01/30)

- Localization updates

ver 4.38 (2018/01/29)

- Fixed: Add support read bundle format for Unity 5.3

- Fixed: Support ATC_RGBA8, ATC_RGB4, etc.

- Fixed: Make AnimationClip

- Fixed: Open big asset files

- Fixed: Search by name or id

- Fixed: Bundle resources grouping


ver 4.37 (2018/01/24)

- Fixed: Error on export to .unityproject

- new: Add support export models with materials to FBX format


ver 4.36 (2018/01/25)

- add: Add StreamingAssets directory files to analyze (read assets, bundles and etc.)

- optimized: Export AnimationClip


ver 4.35 (2018/01/24)

- Fixed: Monobehavior parameters read


ver 4.34 (2018/01/23)

- Fixed: Inspector view

- Fixed: Search by id

- Memory optimized

- Add option "Filter->Show tree items id" (by default unchecked)

- Change: transparent for default materials (Make 3D scene (without materials))



ver 4.33 (2018/01/19)

- Fixed: For material now always replace 'shader link' to standard shaders (Unity 5.6 Unity 2017 not support old shaders)



ver 4.32 (2018/01/17)

- add: Binary Shaders (5.6, 2017.x) Decode header and hex shader program

- Fixed: TextureFormats: DXT5Crunched, DXT1Crunched

- add: TextureFormats: ETC_RGB4Crunched, ETC2_RGBA8Crunched

- add: TextureFormats: RG16, R8, BC4, BC5, BC6H, BC7, RHalf, RGHalf, RFloat, RGFloat, RGBAFloat, RGB9e5Float

ver 4.31 (2018/01/16)

- Fixed: Humanoid animation export for 5.0-5.5 (AnimationClip)


ver 4.30 (2018/01/15)

- Fixed: Humanoid animation export for Unity 4.x, 5.0-5.5 (AnimationClip, Avatar)

- Fixed: IL2CPP read script parameters

- add: Support Unity 2018.1.0f2



ver 4.29 (2018/01/12)

- Fixed: Make TerrainData asset for Unity 4.x, 5.x


ver 4.28 (2018/01/10)

- add: APK Sign params auto-save

- Fixed: TreeList Structure for apk+obb

- Fixed: TerrainData export for Unity 4.x, 5.x

- add: Save sub content & Replace for all asset types



ver 4.27 (2018/01/09)

- Fixed: RGBA4444 texture format

- update: Metadata 4.x, 5.x

- add: Add Unity 2017.3 Metadata

- add: Add support Mesh, Textures for Unity 2017.3 format (import & export)

- add: Add support TerrainData for export (for: generate unity project, make .uniypackage )



ver 4.26 (2017/12/29)

- Fixed: Decompiler errors, add support decompile options 

- Fixed: IL2CPP decompilation

- add: Add class structure restore for WebGL, IPA (iOS)



ver 4.25 (2017/12/26)

- add: Add option to disable aplha channel on view image (and save png)

- add: for licensed version On press Updates button open direct link for download distribution



ver 4.24 (2017/12/25)

- add: Add support WebGL read by url for old WebGL format (Unity 5.x)
         example: http://readytechtools.com/ChessGame/build/ChessGame.html

- add: KO (Korean) manual translated

- Fixed: Message with Error on use  decompiler

- add: Include scripts (recursive) on export objects, scenes to .Unitypackage container

- add: Save DDS, PNG, PVR - on free mode (Saving is possible 1 time in 2 minutes)

- add: Save Mesh (as .obj file) - on free mode (Saving is possible 1 time in 2 minutes)


ver 4.23 (2017/12/21)

- add: VI (Vietnam) manual translated

- add: new C# type decompiler option  (support restore yield codes structures)


ver 4.22 (2017/12/19)

- add: Pack obb file (and support parallel pack obb & apk)

- Fixed: Fixed sound asset extension on tree view

- Fixed: Camera reset action

- add: Filter for models

- Fixed: For generate Scene - link to standard scripts on Unity.UI.dll (missed scripts on scene)

- add: metadata for Unity v5.3.3f1_p6,Class_5.5.4f1_p13


ver 4.21 (2017/12/17)

- internal modification

- add: export to .UnityPackage any asset or group of objects



ver 4.20 (2017/12/17)

fixed: Open IPA file by menu

new: Add sort on tree view (by name)

new: Change Camera on 3DView to fly mode



ver 4.19 (2017/12/15)

- Fixed: for Sprite-Multiple (on generate project)

- Fixed: Export Sprite model (prefab) to unitypackage format (missed sprite atlas)

- add: Simple .NET Decompiler - for code structure only (without function logic)

- Fixed: Animation controller - for state transactions on additional Layers



ver 4.18 (2017/12/11)

- Fixed: metadata

- add: Support SpriteAtlas view & export (new in unity 2017.x)

- Fixed: for export model to unitypackage - include only selected model avatar

- Fixed: Export Prefabs


ver 4.17 (2017/12/11)

- Fixed: open WebGL by URL
    test: https://www.kongregate.com/games/Throwdown/animation-throwdown/

- fixed speed for open



ver 4.16 (2017/12/08)

- Add metadata for Unity 5.x, 4.x

- Add support open WebGL formt .datagz (unity 5.x)

- Add support open bundles by URL

- Fixed: Parsing speed

- Fixed: Image open speed



ver 4.15 (2017/12/06)

- add: Support drag & drop multiple selected files (example APK+OBB )

- add: Free Save PNG image for resources

- add: Adding new phrases to the localization



ver 4.14 (2017/12/06)

- Fixed: Metadata read (quality of restore asset)

- fixed Metadata for Unity 2017.2.0f3


ver 4.13 (2017/12/04)

- add debug console form

- add settings for open game resources

ver 4.12 (2017/12/01)

- add manual translate language: KO

- add support UnityWebGL parsing (win compression: gzip, brotli) *.data.unityweb

- add support Open UnityWebGL Game direct by http URL
    Example for testing:


ver 4.11 (2017/12/01)

- add support Monobehavior Script parameters read for IL2CPP Android

- add manual translate language: ZH, RU

- add missed text for translate


ver 4.10 (2017/11/24)

- Fixed: export mesh (for unity dev 3.x, 4.x)

- Fixed: export animation (for unity dev 3.x, 4.x)

- Fixed: export .unitipacked (all childs set active = true)



ver 4.09 (2017/11/23)

- fixed Material generation

- add: for Android IL2CPP disasemble to ARM ASSEMBLER

- add: for Android IL2CPP partical restore C# code  (development started)

- add suport DXT1Crynch, DXT5Crynch texture formats


ver 4.08 (2017/11/22)

- add UI Localization files to install directory (/Localization/Localization-*.txt)
If you want to improve the translation you can open the localization files (/Localization/),
after the change you can to send a change to the address DevXDevelopment@gmail.com
for include the correction of the language in the distribution

- fixed Material generation

- Fixed: link matarials for bundle files


ver 4.07 (2017/11/21)

- add support IL2CPP Decompile Class structure (android IL2CPP)
(make C# scripts with fields, propertyes, mehtods)

- add support command line mode
./DevXUnityUnpackerMain.exe /Export source_dir_or_file out_dir
./DevXUnityUnpackerMain.exe /GenerateUnityProject source_dir_or_file out_dir

- add UI Localization (with auto translate)

- add Metadata for Unity v5.4.6f3
- add Metadata for Unity v2017.1.1f1
- add Metadata for Unity v2017.2.0f3

- add support read standard assets from /Library (game project)



ver 4.06 (2017/11/15)

- fixed scripts dublicate events

- fixed scenes generate for Unity 2017.x version

- fixed font asset and links to font

- fixed links to object for monobehavior


ver 4.05 (2017/11/09)

- fixed the Unity Crash with 'guid empty error'



ver 4.04 (2017/11/09)

- add unpack AudioManager asset

- add unpack PhysicsManager asset

- add unpack Physics2DSettings asset

- add unpack EditorBuildSettings asset


ver 4.03 (2017/11/08)

- add CSharp code Highlighter

- add support export ScripableObject assets


ver 4.02 (2017/11/07)

- fix for AnimationClip

- add unpack InputManager asset

- add unpack NavMeshAreas asset

- add unpack TimeManager asset



ver 4.01 (2017/11/06)

- Unpacker Magic Tools

- add support terrain on scenes (altitude map - on completion)

- add in AnimationController BlendTree modes

- fix for AnimationClip

- add support Events on AnimationClip

- add support DenseClip type on AnimationClip

- fix for Avatar

- Full Animation Models support (tested on Unity 5.6)

- fix for Image decode ETC2_RGBA8



ver 3.23 (2017/11/02)

- add support export to .unitypackage format (export package with include all dependecies)

- fix for LightAsset parsing

- fix for script generate

- add support Mesh Skeleton structure (with bondes)

- add support Avatart generate

- add support Skeleton model animation

- add support Humanoid model animation

- add support Export Full Model with animations to Unitypackage



ver 3.22 (2017/10/30)

- fix for ARGB4444 format replace function

- add Prefab dir for Make Unity project

- fix directory structure for Resources (Make Unity project)

- add Unity metadata Unity v3.4.1f5, v3.5.7f6

- add options for Generate Unity Project 'Make all GameObjects as Active (override)'

- add Parse Combined Mesh - to separeted mesh objects (ungroup combined Static mesh)



ver 3.21 (2017/10/26)

- fix for APK singing

- add Unity metadata Unity v4.2, v4.3, v4.5, v4.6, v4.7, v5.0

- add Unity metadata Unity v5.0, v5.1, v5.2

ver 3.20 (2017/10/25)

- fix for texture Decode&Encode for formats: ASTC_RGB_XxX, ASTC_RGBA_XxX (X: 6-12)

- add unity 4.6.9f1 metadata (for generate animations and other)

ver 3.19 (2017/10/24)

- fix for APK singing (key select dialog)



ver 3.18 (2017/10/23)

- fix for Scripts Code Generate (auto clear dublicate event delegates, fix - using for enum list)

ver 3.17

- fix error on export

ver 3.16 (2017/10/20)

- fix for Bundle Read (unity3d)

- add Metadata for 4.5.5f1 

- fix for Shader parsing (show, export)

- fix for Text parsing (json, text, xml..)

- big fix For Parsing Data Structures (links between elements)

- add Support x64 run mode (for lage archives, xapk, is fix MemoryOverflow on lage files)


ver 3.14 (2017/10/19)

- add support IPA file (iOS)

- add support APK singing
  (create a working installation package for install to android device)

- add support generate direct full MeshAsset on "Generate Unity Project", without .obj file

ver 3.12 (2017/10/17)
- add Export Terrain Heights-Map
- add Export Sprite pictures
- fix for Sprite parse
- add Support RenderTexture

ver 3.10 (2017/10/13)
- fixed Sprite parse
- fixed for Visualise Materials
- fixed UnityCrash (on IL2CPP type projects)
- fixed Convert Mesh to Obj - separation to sub-meshes
- fixed Animations (add animation parameters, fixed AnimatorController, AnimationClip)

ver 3.09 (2017/10/11)
- add Export all Prefabs
- add Export as Prefab for GameObjects
- fix for Sprites
- fix ETC_RGB4 format - compress for Image Replace

ver 3.08 (2017/10/11)
- add support Prefab (make Prefab for UnityProject, links from scenes to Prefab)

ver 3.07 (2017/10/10)
- add support Animation (Animator, Animation, AnimationClip, AnimatorController) - for GenerateUnityProject
- add support Sprite Preview and save as Image
- add support Image Replace for APK (for not asset images)
- add support Unity 2017.1(ver) Metadata

ver 3.06 (2017/10/04)
- fix for replace image ETC1_RGB4 format
- fix for replace image from PVR, DDS formats
- fix for ARGB4444 format

ver 3.05 (2017/10/03)
- add support 'GUISkin' for Generate Unity Project
- add support 'Shader' for Generate Unity Project & Export (for old unity shader types)
- fix for multiple install

ver 3.04
- add support 'Sprites' for Generate Unity Project
- fix for Materials (Generate Unity Project, Export)
- Add FBX export format for models (in the process of finalizing the export of images and materials for FBX)

ver 3.03
- add Proxy Settings

ver 3.02
Bugs fix

ver 3.01
New Product line
new WebSite
Online update metadates
- Great fixes in the genesis module for "Unity Project genaration"
- add support export Video resources (avi, MP4..)
- add suppot export as FBX (for models)
- add options for Script generate
- add fix for Unity Project generate
- add support repack ETC_RGB4 format
- add support repack ASTC.. formats on x86 Windows
- add support detect IL2CPP apk modes
- add support dds & pvr formats for replace images (with the same formats and sizes of the asset and the file)
- add support .xapk support (Lage android package)
- add support .obb support (android package)
- auto convert depricated methods for old Unity vertiosn to Unity 5.6
- add filter to remove artifacts for PVRTC image compression
- Add support Mesh models - 3D preview
- Add support Scene - 3D preview
- Add support Terrain - 3D preview
- Speed optimizations (load game, make unity project)
- ass support ASTC_XxX formats
- add support for Replace image - RGB565,RGBA4444,ARGB4444 formats
- can save PNG image on free mode (The image will be partially grounded on black squares)
- can replace image on free mode (The image will be partially grounded on black squares)
- optimized speed - for open
- optimized speed - for generate unity project
- improvements in the generation of source code scripts
- Improvement of the project generation for Unity3d version 5.6
+ Test with FirstPerson controller
- add support image parce for Unity 2017.1
- add support mp3, wav, ogg for old unity
- add support save as PVR file (for PVRTC_RGB4, PVRTC_RGBA4, ETC_RGB4)
- add support texture formats:
- add for replace image: ETC2_RGBA8, ETC2_RGBA1, ETC2_RGB, ETC1
- add save apk file
- add for replace image: DXT1, DXT5 formats
- add bundle XianjianCodec
- Add: analyze not standard Texure2D assets
- Add: Asset fields edit
- Add: All assebly strings view and edit
- Add: Image view - can select fon
- Add: Replace Texture by image (png, jpg, bmp..) with auto convert and make mipmap levels
- Add: Replace content in assets: Texture, TextAsset, Sounds (work for Standelone games)
- Add support play asset sound from UI
- Add auto audio convert from fsb to wav format on export
- Texture ETC3_RGBA